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Subscriptions are acquired through In-app Purchases, and all financial transactions are overseen by the App Store, subject to the App Store's particular terms and conditions. For more detailed information, please consult:



If you obtain a Subscription via an In-app purchase, the refund policy of the App Store will be applicable. If you wish to request a refund, you can initiate the process by contacting the App Store directly. For additional information, please visit:


Subscription Duration

To access the Service, including specific premium features, a paid Subscription is necessary. You will be charged in advance at regular intervals (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or annually), depending on the Subscription plan you select at the time of purchase. Your Subscription will automatically renew under the same terms at the end of each period, unless you choose to cancel it or the Company terminates it.


Cancellation of Subscriptions

You have the option to halt the automatic renewal of your Subscription through the App Store. To learn more about this process, please refer to It's important to note that you will not receive a refund for fees already paid for your ongoing Subscription term, and you will maintain access to the Service until the end of your current Subscription period.


In-app Purchases

The Application may provide In-app Purchases that allow you to acquire products, services, or Subscriptions. Further information on managing In-app Purchases via your Device can be found in the terms and conditions of the App Store or in your Device's Help settings. Please be aware that In-app Purchases are solely usable within the Application. Once you initiate the download of an In-app Purchase, it cannot be canceled. In-app Purchases cannot be converted into cash or transferred to others. If you wish to request a refund for an In-app Purchase, you can contact the App Store directly. Please keep in mind that all billing and transaction processes are handled by the App Store and are subject to the terms and conditions of that specific App Store. If you encounter payment-related issues with In-app Purchases, please reach out to the App Store for assistance.

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